All donations to ACTS directly benefit your local community. Everything you donate will create new opportunities for local people looking  to find a job, get their lives back on track or support their families. Donations are 100% tax-deductible and receipts are available upon request.

We accept items in salable condition. Please see our guidelines to help you sort, package and donate your un-needed items:

How to Donate

Donating to ACTS is easy! Just follow these simple steps.

Step 1 - Gather Your Stuff

Walk around your home and collect things you and your family no longer need — clothes that have not worn for a long time or do not fit, un-used presents or gifts that have just been taking up space, household items you don’t need, furniture you want to remove to make space and anything you feel ACTS might be able to sell to help others. Collect the smaller items in one place and keep track of the bigger items, especially furniture.

Step 2 - Sort Your Items

It is important to check and sort your items to be sure they can be best used by the store. Clothing and Shoes should be clean, wearable and in decent condition. Ideally they will be lightly used with no rips or buttons missing. Toys must be complete, clean and able to be played with by children. Household goods should be complete and in good working order. Electrical items and appliances should be functional and safe. Furniture also needs to be complete, and have no rips, stains or pet hair.  Think before you donate - would you pass these items on to family or freinds, or would you throw them out first.  We don't believe that something is better than nothing.  We want our customers to feel good about what they purchase from us.

Step 3 - Package Your Items

Sorted items can be mixed, provided they will not get damaged. Smaller items and clothes should be in a box or a bag. Please consider individually wrapping items that are considered high value or fragile. Wherever possible, use any original packing because this helps preserve the items and increases their value. Take care that all hangers are removed and that items are from a clean, dry location. We do provide packing bins if needed; ask in the store for details. Since we pick up furniture and large appliances they do not need to be packed. However please ensure that can be easily picked up and packed into our delivery truck.

Step 4 - Deliver Them

Ready to drop off your items? Just check our store opening times and bring your clothes and smaller items to the store. We will gratefully receive them and give you a receipt.

Drop off location for donations

store drop zoneThe drop off area for all donations is located in the back, around the side of our thrift store. We accept only bags and or boxes of clothing & miscellaneous items during donation times. Furniture is to be off loaded at the front in our loading and unloading area. All furniture must be inspected by our staff before being removed from personal vehicles. Please do not leave donations outside after store hours.

Items Not Accepted Include

Under our Health Department Guidelines we are not allowed to accept the following items:

•    Furniture with pet hair or pet stains
•    TV’s (box, tubes, floor model, projection type)
•    Metal desks
•    Stoves (Gas or Electric)
•    Washers or Dryers
•    Refrigerators
•    Paint (that has been opened )
•    Large computer monitors
•    Large over the range microwaves

Any furniture with rips or stains will not be accepted. We no longer have the Haul-away service, nor are we able to pick up items from your home. ACTS Reserves the right to refuse any donations we deem unsalable.

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