How to Get Assistance

ACTS Helpline 24/7 (703)-368-4141

Your call will be greeted by a compassionate, trained listener. This person is there to help clarify your problems, offer suggestions, and most of all, listen. All calls made are confidential and anonymous, allowing you to be completely open about what you’ve been going through.

  • So if you’ve been struggling with thoughts of suicide feeling hopeless feeling lonely and isolated or worried about someone you care about we have help available. This person is there to help clarify your problems, offer suggestions, and most of all, listen.
  • For ACTS Domestic Violence Services our staff and volunteers are specifically trained to offer support, provide information, and help with immediate safety planning. Domestic Violence Hotline 24/7 support 703-221-4460
  • If you are in immediate crisis because of a sexual assault or sexual abuse we will provide you with specialists contact information, and if you would like to speak with a Sexual Assault Specialist, the crisis listener will take your first name and phone number and they will be in contact very shortly. Sexual Assult Hotline 24/7 support 703-368-4141.

Senior Link

This free call reassurance program provides scheduled phone calls to senior citizens or those who are physically disabled.  Senior Link is a supportive supplement to the family and community and not intended as an emergency service.

Senior Link is available 8:00am to 8:00pm, so you are able to choose when you want to receive calls.  Participants’ names will not be shared with any other individuals or agencies unless an emergency situation is detected.

Calls are made by trained listeners who provide a caring and warm connection.  They will not provide advice or medication recommendations but can provide referrals to outside agencies.  Individuals, family members, or friends can “link” up to the program by calling ACTS Helpline at 703-368-4141.


Information and Referrals

In addition to traditional hotline services, Helpline is here to provide access to any number of resources. Individuals seeking information on a wide variety of human services can rely on the Helpline to provide the most up-to-date information and resources to help callers find the help they are looking for.