How to Get Assistance

Phone Call Appointments - Call (703) 221-4460

Domestic Violence Hotline 24/7 support (703) 221-4951

For ACTS Domestic Violence Services our staff and volunteers are specifically trained to offer support, provide information, and help with immediate safety planning. 

Safe House

Domestic Violence Safe House

"If it hadn't been for the Safe House, I would probably have stayed with my husband and might have been killed."

If you need immediate safety, ACTS safe house is available anytime day or night. Located in a residential neighborhood, its location is confidential and provides comfortable shelter and support for you and your children.  There is even a back yard to relax and play in. You are welcome to stay for up to one month at no cost.  While with us, you will have access to a case manager who will help you plan your next steps, including helping you find a new place to live.  Case management is also available for your children, as we know they too have been affected.  Many services are available to you while you are with us, including assistance with finding a job and a new place to live.  Your children will still attend school and you are able to continue working if you already have a job.  Take advantage of as many or as few of the services we offer.

Court Advocacy

Court Advocacy and Accompaniment

Dealing with the court system can be overwhelming.  Individual counseling on court procedures, resources, and safety is available for you as well as assistance applying for a protective order to stop the abuse. A court advocate can accompany you to court to provide additional support. We know that this is a frighting and confusing time and will make sure you do not have to face it not alone.

For services in English call (703) 792-4782. For services in Spanish call (703) 792-4248.

Children's Program


Exposure to Violence

Approximately five million children are exposed to domestic violence every year.  Even when   children are not directly injured by violence, exposure to violence in the home can contribute to behavioral, social, and emotional problems.  Without intervention, these children too often grow up to be 

It is important for these children to build resilience and learn skills related to anger and stress management, conflict resolution, and developing healthy relationships.  ACTS can help.

Individual and Group Services

ACTS offers age-appropriate individual and group support and skill-building sessions for   children and youth, who have been affected by domestic violence. Individual sessions may be scheduled any time. Groups run throughout the year, one night per week for fifteen weeks.          

Attendees are separated into three age groups:

             Littles, Mids, and High-School.

     All services are free of charge. Call (703) 221-4460