Domestic Violence Intervention

ACTS Domestic Violence Hotline (703) 221-4951

The line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our staff and volunteers are specifically trained to offer support, provide information, and help with immediate safety planning.

Has your partner done the following:

  • Verbally insult, demean or threaten you?
  • Insist on knowing where you are every minute of the day?
  • Organize your schedule to follow or harass you?
  • Limit your mobility or access to money?
  • Explode in a rage and assault you physically or sexually?
  • Negate your words, abilities, ideas and actions?
  • Choke, punch, push, slap, kick or otherwise hurt you?
  • Excuse each act and promise to stop?

If this sounds familiar, you may be in an abusive relationship.

ACTS Domestic Violence Services provide the only comprehensive Domestic Violence Intervention program serving Prince William County and the cities of Manassas and Manassas Park. Sometimes it takes several attempts to leave an abusive relationship. Our staff and volunteers understand this and are here to support you with your decisions while also brainstorming and safety planning to ensure the best outcomes. Our priority is for you to be safe and find a way to live your life without fear and empowered to move forward.

Domestic Violence Safe House

"If it hadn't been for the Safe House, I would probably have stayed with my husband and might have been killed."

If you need immediate safety, ACTS safe house is available anytime day or night. Located in a residential neighborhood, its location is confidential and provides comfortable shelter and support for you and your children.  There is even a back yard to relax and play in. You are welcome to stay for up to one month at no cost.  While with us, you will have access to a case manager who will help you plan your next steps, including helping you find a new place to live.  Case management is also available for your children, as we know they too have been affected.  Many services are available to you while you are with us, including assistance with finding a job and a new place to live.  Your children will still attend school and you are able to continue working if you already have a job.  Take advantage of as many or as few of the services we offer.  We are here for you. 703-221-4951

Court Advocacy and Accompaniment

Dealing with the court system can be overwhelming.  Individual counseling on court procedures, resources, and safety is available for you as well as assistance applying for a protective order to stop the abuse. A court advocate can accompany you to court to provide additional support. We know that this is a frighting and confusing time and will make sure you do not have to face it not alone. 703-792-4782

Adult Advocacy Program

Our advocacy program focuses on your safety, helping you set boundaries, and empowering you to lead abuse-free lives using resources we can help you attain.  Individual and group support are both available. 703-221-4460

Children’s Program

“I can't say enough about the Turning Points Children's Program! I believe that my son has learned a lot and is more resilient than he was before he attended the program."

The Children’s Program provides support groups for your children between the ages of 5 and 17. The focus of the program is teaching problem-solving skills, exploring feelings, and building self-esteem. They have been witnesses to the abuse you have received and have been traumatized, as well.  We are here to help them heal and learn healthy coping skills, so they do not repeat the cycle of violence in their own relationships. 703-221-4460

Behavioral Intervention Program

Research demonstrates that many abusers were themselves abused as children or grew up in homes where abuse was present.  Much of what they do has been learned. We want to help break the cycle, so that abusers can have healthier relationships in the future and break the cycle of violence with the next generation. Our Domestic Violence and Anger Management programs are designed for men and women who come on their own or have been court-ordered to attend classes. Through a sixteen-week program, participants learn to identify their triggers and change their unhealthy reactions to more healthy responses. 703-221-4460

Community Awareness and Education

Education breaks the silence and saves lives. ACTS can provide speakers for groups and service providers on various aspects of domestic violence. Our speakers are available seven days a week, including lunchtimes and evenings. If you have a group that would would like us to present to, please give us a call. 703-221-4460

Many of our services are available in both English and Spanish

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