Propane Assistance is for our unsheltered (homeless) clients who use propane to cook. We work with Quickee Tire and Gas located in Triangle to fill 10 pound, grill-size tanks. If you are aware of someone who needs this type of assistance, please direct them to us.

To book an appointment select an open day from the calendar below, then select a time. Book your appointment using the green button and proceed to conformation which will require entering your name, e-mail adders and contact details. Your appointment will be confirmed with an e-mail and you will get a reminder.

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Emergency Assistance Appointments Instructions

Getting Assistance

APPOINTMENTS are required for all types of Financial Assistance and you will need to bring:


ID Required

Photo I.D (required at each visit)

Proof of Address

Lease/Mortgage papers, piece of mail postmarked in the last 30 days etc. (required at initial visit and any time you move)

Proof of Income

Pay stubs or benefit/award letters or current bank statement etc. (required at each financial assistance visit)

Household Verification

We request ONE of the following items for each person residing in the home: Birth Certificate or Social Security Card for persons under 18 years OR a piece of mail with the person’s name on it postmarked within the last 30 days for persons over 18 (*"residing in the home” means: anyone physically living on the property even if they are not a member of your immediate family).

If you do not come to your appointment with the required documentation, we will not be able to help you and you will need to make a new appointment.