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ACTS Provides Assistance

At ACTS, our highly-trained staff and volunteers are committed to
providing the best possible services to our clients every day.
They work hard to make sure our clients get the services they need
while feeling valued and cared for during their time with us.

ACTS Can Help

The ACTS Helpline (703) 368-4141

is a free crisis listening service for all residents of the greater Prince William County area. 24 hours a day, our Helpline offers: Confidential listening, Information and referral, Crisis intervention for trauma, suicide, sexual assault, domestic violence, and substance abuse. More


ACTS Provides Assistance for:

ACTS Support Services

To help support those in need ACTS provides a number of support services that are listed under each of the main sections.


Everyone deserves to have a roof over their heads.  ACTS is here to help those who don't. Whether you need a safe place to stay for the night or even a few weeks, ACTS Beverly Warren Family Shelter is open.


Emergency Assistance

We all can fall on hard times.  ACTS Emergency Assistance is here to help with utility bills, and other basic needs where we can. Book Online to make a financial assistance appointment,


Food Assistance

Clients are eligible to obtain food assistance through the ACTS Hunger Prevention Center once per month. Food is distributed on a walk-in basis. No appointment needed.


Sexual Assault

We can be with you from the hospital to the court room and beyond, providing you with the support you need to heal. ACTS upholds the principle that sexual assault is a social rather than a personal problem.


Domestic Violence

Whether you are in need of immediate safety, assistance with a protective order, accompaniment to court, or need help moving forward, ACTS Domestic Violence Specialists can help.


Suicide Related Support

Have you been struggling with thoughts of suicide, or have you lost a loved one to suicide? Our Suicide Related support services are available.


Common Concerns

Do you need food/grocery assistance?

The ACTS Hunger Prevention Center offers food assistance to families experiencing crisis situations.  HPC is open Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.  More Information

Are you uninsured and need help with an emergency prescription?

Even though the Affordable Care Act provided millions of people with insurance coverage for prescription medications, not everyone qualified.  Based on available funding, we can provide limited prescription assistance if you have no insurance. More Information

Are you homeless and in need of shelter?

Whether you need a safe place to stay for the night or even a few weeks, ACTS Beverly Warren Family Shelter is open. We have up to 18 beds available if you are a single man or family with children. More Information

Do you think your child is being affected by domestic violence?

Our Children’s Program provides support groups for your children between the ages of 5 and 17. We are here to help them heal and learn healthy coping skills, so they do not repeat the cycle of violence. More Information

Does your partner verbally or emotionally abuse you, isolate you from family and friends or physically abuse you?

Our advocacy program focuses on your safety, helping you set boundaries, and empowering you to lead abuse-free lives using resources we can help you ttain. Individual and group support are both available. More Information

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

ACTS Helpline provides 24-hour crisis listening and information and referral.  Any crisis can become overwhelming when there is no one who will listen and nowhere to turn. More Information

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 74 Dumfries
VA 22026, US

Main Location
3900 ACTS Lane, Dumfries
VA 22026, US


tel. 703-441-8606
fax: 703-221-0662

Helpline (703) 368 4141

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