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ACTS Helpline is a free crisis listening service for all residents of the greater Prince William County area. 24 hours a day, our Helpline offers:

  • Confidential listening
  • Information and referral
  • Crisis intervention for trauma, suicide, sexual assault, domestic violence, and substance abuse

Helpline’s highly-trained Crisis Listeners help callers clarify their thoughts and feelings. Problems of any size can be addressed with Helpline’s non-judgmental listeners, who use extensive resources to ensure callers feel safe and empowered.

ACTS in Action: Saving a Life

A caller to the Helpline said he had a gun and was going to kill himself. The Crisis Listener, a staff member with many years of experience, sensed immediately that she had to act quickly to calm him down. She kept him talking, and through the conversation, she was able to determine where he lived. Working quickly, she kept him on the line and called 911 on another phone without his knowledge, afraid he might pull the trigger if he knew help was on the way. She told the police everything she knew and kept him talking. She stayed on the phone with him while the police arrived and is no doubt the only reason he decided to put down the gun and let them in. Her training and many years of experience saved his life and many, many more over the years.

Information and Referral

In addition to traditional hotline services, Helpline is here to provide access to any number of resources. Individuals seeking information on a wide variety of human services can rely on the Helpline to provide the most up-to-date information and resources to help callers find the help they are looking for.

Senior Link

As an ancillary service to the Helpline, ACTS offers a free call reassurance program called Senior Link, providing scheduled phone calls to senior citizens or physically disadvantaged shut-ins to decrease feelings of isolation. A supportive supplement to family and community support, Senior Link is not intended to serve as an emergency service.

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