Housing Services

Beverly Warren Family Shelter

serves single women and families who are homeless. The shelter is operational and staffed 24 hours a day.  All residents of the facility are given access to individual case management that will assist clients with creating an Individual Service Plan to meet the needs of housing, finances, employment, health, education, child services, etc. The facility has a computer lab, laundry room, children's' play area, tutoring, full kitchen.

Rapid Re-Housing Program

Rapid Re-housing is a federal and state funded program designed to give literally homeless individuals and families the opportunity to rent their own place. Those that qualify as literally homeless can come from places not meant for habitation, such as cars, campsites, and benches. Persons coming from Emergency Shelters, Domestic Violence Shelters, Hospitals, Hotels, and Transitional Living Programs may also qualify for Rapid Re-Housing assistance. Case Managers work closely with clients to create a financial plan and budget that is catered to affording a room, an apartment, or house for rent. The program provides clients with direct financial assistance towards their security deposit and/or towards rent. The program also ensures case management for clients.

Empowering Women in Transition Program

Empowering Women in Transition (EWIT) is an up to six month transitional living program that anchors ACTS Women's Empowerment Center.  Through this program, clients are given the opportunity to continue their progression from homelessness to self-sustainability. During their time at the Empowerment Center, clients have classes to help with finances, parenting, health and nutrition, and lifestyle.

Case Managers help create and update resumes, sit with clients and promote positive actions for job interviews, and give insight into possible resources for employment. Case managers and finance instructors help clients establish a path to pay off past due debts, clear judgments, and utilize a working budget that is attainable for the client and family.

Children are given the opportunity to work with tutors to help improve quality of homework and projects, enjoy time in a safe home environment, work with other children doing arts and crafts with volunteers, and know that with a long term facility that they won’t be subjected to changing school’s multiple times during the school year which limits education potential.

Affordable Housing Program

ACTS Affordable Housing Program provides qualified low- and moderate-income households the opportunity to live at a reduced rent in privately-owned and privately managed market-rate units located in Prince William County. The Department of Housing and Community Development works with ACTS Sustainable Housing Team to ensure units rented under the program are comparable to market rate apartments, are occupied by households who meet the income guidelines of the program, and that eligibility recertification for the program is completed on an annual basis.


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