Step out with ACTS Domestic Violence Services (Turning Points) by joining our 2018 Purple Purse Challenge! Together we can help put an end to domestic violence in Prince William County!

2018 was a big year as we launched a new and vital partnership with the Prince William County Police. The LAP program, or Lethality Assessment Protocol, allows us to reach high danger victims with safety planning and advocacy as never before. But the need is greater now. Many have no where to go in order to stay safe. Your support will provide needed resources to help high danger victims who need safe shelter and transportation, sometimes in the middle of the night.

Your gift will help people like Laura, a survivor of domestic violence:

 “My bruises were in my head.” Laura told us. “It felt like love at first, but then he became jealous and suspicious of me,” she said. “He kept track of my texts, my phone calls, and everywhere I went. If I did not do what he wanted me to do, even if it was something that made me uncomfortable, he would threaten to kill himself. Once after an argument he threw himself into an oncoming car, and was hospitalized. Other times, he would put a gun to his head, or to mine, just to scare me into doing what he wanted.”

“My mind was trapped, and I didn’t know it was abuse. Not until I visited ACTS. That’s when I saw for the first time I was in an emotionally abusive relationship,” Laura said. “When my advocate shared the power and control wheel with me, I understood that I was being battered mentally, and his behavior was escalating. She helped me to find the support I needed to rebuild my life. It took years, but I can say now that threats, put-downs, and physical harm have nothing to do with love, and should NOT be tolerated. Thank you ACTS!”

Your help matters Please Donate Today

Your $25 gift will provide transportation for a victim to get to safe housing. 

Your $50 gift will provide one night of lodging for a victim of violence. 

Your $100 gift will provide one night of lodging for a family of four.

Your help matters Please Donate Today

Why help now? 

Here's the best news -- with the Purple Purse Challenge, all gifts of $50 or more will be matched dollar for dollar by Allstate -- making this a great time to support ACTS Domestic Violence Services!! 

Thank you for your partnership!