Helpline is a free and confidential 24/7 crisis service. Since the Helpline does not close, it is crucial that there are an adequate number of staff and volunteers to cover the Helpline at all times. There are certain times of day that callers tend to call in more frequently and more listeners are needed during those times. The topics of conversation are varied and listeners need to have the ability to discuss different types of crises. Volunteers are always appreciated.

Alexis is an intern for the Helpline. She has to complete 120 hours for her internship and is more than halfway done at the time of this writing. Alexis has been willing to do her internship hours based on the needs of the Helpline. Whether that means a shift that begins at 5 AM or at 5 PM. She has a full-time job and she goes above and beyond to make sure the Helpline is still a priority. She contacts her supervisor every week and asks when she is needed the most.  She was able to understand the needs and requirements of the Helpline very quickly. She has shown that she has adaptability and a willingness to learn. If she has a question she is not hesitant to ask.  If there are any other tasks that the Helpline needs she always volunteers to help out. Alexis has asked for clarification if there has been a new policy or protocol implemented. She is very thoughtful and has shown that she truly cares about the Helpline.

At ACTS, there are an array of volunteer opportunities, and chances are that one of our programs can utilize your skill set. If you enjoy giving back to your neighbors in any form or fashion, we welcome you to join our family of volunteers. Simply fill out this form and our volunteer coordinator will be more than happy to work with you!