For the month of April, nationally recognized as Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM), ACTS Sexual Assault Services will highlight the work of several of our program // who give freely of their time and talents to support survivors of sexual violence. 

This week’s Volunteer Spotlight features Edward McGovern, ACTS Sexual Assault Services Volunteer of the Year. Ed not only // his time on our hotline, he is also a powerful speaker, which has enabled ACTS to connect with an audience that is typically hard to reach. In addition, Ed serves on the Sexual Assault Awareness Month committee and represents ACTS at community outreach events. According to Terry Swirchak, Community Educator for ACTS Sexual Assault Services;

“Ed is kind, humble, gracious, empathetic and willing to put himself out there in an effort to help others. Those who have worked with Ed know him to be a great teammate and someone who can always be counted on. Ed continues to motivate and positively influence the community, ACTS staff and // We are extremely fortunate to have Ed McGoven as part of our program.”

ACTS could simply not run without its dedicated // base. If you would like to be part of a team that's doing remarkable work to help heal our neighbors, we encourage you to become a //! More information can be found here