A Method to The Madness

A Method to The Madness

Welcome to 2017! I hope you have had a wonderful new year so far. I decided to boycott the whole “New Year's Resolution” because, like many, they have never worked for me in the past. Instead I have "New Day Resolutions!" I approach each day with a specific goal and give it everything I have. Some goals take more than a day and that is okay, but when I fail, there are only a few hours to reset and give it a go again. I started doing this in 2015 and it has worked wonders for me. I would love to hear your ideas. What works for you. Are you a New Year's "Resolutioner?" What are your motivators? I am sure that if we can glean this information together, we will become even more awesome than we already are!

 Which reminds me, in our post from last month, we left off talking about tricks that lead to top picks. So I figured this month I could share my method to the madness!

 Here are the top eight tips I have learned: 

 1. Know the merchandise

 A NWT (new with tag $159.00) Limited blazer for $6.95 - a steal! A Divided by H&M Dress $7.95 - A deal. A used department store t-shirt for $2? No deal.  So learn how to spot quality fabrics and brands from a distance and, “You have arrived Daniel Son!”

 2. Ignore sizes

They vary brand to brand anyway. (I own jeans in four sizes, for real.)  Almost everything is prewashed and preshrunk. If it looks like it might fit, try it on! Which leads most conveniently right into 3.

 3. The Early Bird gets the deal

 If you go looking for warm jackets during a January cold snap, you will be sorely out of luck. Start looking in September and you’ll have dozens to choose from.

 4. Check out the goods carefully

 Thrift store apparel has been recycled.  We may unintentionally put out items stained, ripped, or torn.  If it needs to be repaired, it had better be worth the work. But the good news is Nicole and Carolyn, our wonderful manager and assistant manager respectively, are totally fair! Point it out and they will adjust the price.

 5. Look for what you need first

 Are you dying for a new pair of fitted black pants? Has your kid grown out of his shorts? Check those racks first. I’ve watched a woman snatch every pair of pants in my son’s extremely hard to find size (32 waist x 34 Long ugh!) after I’d wasted time browsing through tank tops I didn’t need. 

 6. Check back often and don’t get discouraged

 Some days I find 25 steals I simply can’t live without. Some days I find zilch! (not really; we always have something great but I have heard it’s happened). But you never know when some style maven may clean out her closet because she’s bored or changed sizes. Keep checking!

 7. For school books and trendy looks come here first

 Because new books cost at least $14.99, and ours average $2.00 each, The ACTS Thrift Store is the perfect place to find back-to-school bargains, and it keeps your kids out of the mall (which is always a good thing).

 8.  Sometimes, thrifting pays off BIG

 We have all heard of stories like North Carolina Woman Buys Abstract Painting Worth $20k for $9.99. And Man Finds Copy of an 1823 Print of the Declaration of Independence, Worth Almost $500k, in a Thrift Store!

Well, we have our own ACTS tycoon: Mr. James. He is a perfect example of how vintage clothes and other items can be flipped for profit. He has been rumored to have sold a piece he purchased from us for $8 for over $600.00. Not to mention you can furnish a dorm room or college apartment on a shoestring budget. Missing an obscure piece of your grandmother’s china? Be patient; you’ll eventually find it thrifting,

The hidden treasures call me and tempt me all the time, and it can be like an addiction. Luckily, my addiction is good for my (gorgeous second-hand) pocketbook. To make room for new finds, I often show up at the thrift store with a bag of donations. I’m all for recycling.

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Among my fellow thrifty friends, I gladly brag about how cheap I find my clothes.

(Them: Love your shirt. Me: Thanks!  {whispered} ACTS. $1.00!)

I try to convert my friends after each compliment I receive, but only if they don’t wear my size.  I don’t need the extra competition! When complemented by less enlightened folks who may snub their nose at my methods, I simply give a knowing smile and a modest “thanks.”

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