Women's Empowerment Center

In November of 2015, ACTS reopened what was formerly its “East” Safe House, rechristening it the Women’s Empowerment Center.  No longer needing to be a confidential location, ACTS most beautiful property is now a hub of activity.

Currently, the Center houses two programs.  The first is Empowering Women in Transition, an up to six month comprehensive transitional living program for single women and families, with an emphasis on families headed by single women.  A live-in Residential Coordinator provides mentoring, as well as lessons on budgeting, shopping, nutrition, and healthy cooking.  Case managers work with residents to addresses their individual barriers to self-sufficiency.

Also housed at the Center is ACTS Rapid Re-Housing Program. Here, case managers work with homeless individuals and families to get them into permanent housing as soon as possible, usually within days. Case managers have developed relationships with many local landlords, both in single homes and apartment complexes, so they can facilitate a lease much faster than a client could on their own.  ACTS normally pays the security deposit and first month’s rent, and then provides ongoing case management for up to two years to ensure clients are able to maintain their new housing.

Coming in the fall of 2016 is a full renovation of the basement into classrooms and offices.  This will enable the Center to offer the many services currently only available to clients to a much wider community. The vision for the Center is to become a central location for women to find all they need to live on their own and maximize their own potential.



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